Someone spotted a Pride flag in behind-the-scenes footage from "The Chosen." Check out the show's official response.
· May 30, 2023 ·

The Chosen is a crowdfunded Christian television show about the life and ministry of Jesus that has become insanely popular in American churches over the past few years.

This is why some eyebrows were raised this week when, in behind-the-scenes footage, a rainbow LGBT flag was spotted on the set:

At first, people argued the flag is referring to the covenant God made with Noah, as if cameramen just carry that around with them in America 2023 to make statements on God's promise not to flood the world again.

It was all speculation, however, until The Chosen issued an answer to this question on their official Twitter account:

As a professionally made show, The Chosen feels they have to work with and hire the best in the field, regardless of those people's beliefs.

But does that mean you have to let your employees promote an anti-Christ message while working on a pro-Christ series? That sends a mixed message, if nothing else. How does your series "honor the authentic Jesus" if your workers not only reject the authentic Jesus but also feel the need to display their anti-Christian religious symbols at work?

One commenter made the point extremely well:

What do you think? Is this no big deal, or should The Chosen make a stronger and clearer statement?

Would The Chosen allow other religious/political symbols opposed to the Gospel to be displayed on set? What about an Islamic flag? A pentagram flag? A sickle and hammer??

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