Sorry, Not Woke Enough! Walmart Pulls Special "Juneteenth" Ice Cream Because They Were Accused Of, You Guessed It, Racism!
· May 24, 2022 ·

Walmart's Juneteenth ice cream was just pulled from shelves because woke activists called it racist.

Okay, before I even explain what went down here and how incredibly racist Walmart is for making an ice cream flavor meant to celebrate black people, I want to play a game of "spot the racism."

I'll show you the photo of the ice cream, and you try to guess why it's racist.

There are a few, obvious "cultural appropriations," but those aren't what caused the ice cream's cancelation.

Did you figure it out?

No? Well that's because you are a totally normal person who knows that we're talking about ice cream here.

But if you are "woke" you'll go hunting for the racism.

Here's the issue:

Yes, Walmart STOLE an ice cream flavor from another brand.

Now, maybe I'm crazy, but it seems like unless it's a wacky Ben & Jerry's flavor, EVERY flavor of ice cream is available in different brands.

Vanilla, chocolate, cookies and creme, chocolate chip cookie dough, mint chocolate chip.

If Great Value had ANY of those flavors (and I'm sure they do), no one would accuse them of stealing.

But this one member of the woke Twitterati thinks that because a black-owned business makes a red velvet cheesecake ice cream, that entire flavor is now OFF-LIMITS! And to use it to celebrate wokeness is disingenuous.

From The Hill:

Walmart is recalling its ice cream commemorating Juneteenth after it received heavy backlash on social media, with many critics calling out the company for using the holiday as a marketing scheme.

"Share and celebrate African-American culture, emancipation and enduring hope," the packaging on the swirled red velvet and cheesecake flavored ice cream reads.

"Juneteenth holiday marks a celebration of freedom and independence," Walmart said in a statement to FOX Television Stations. "However, we received feedback that a few items caused concern for some of our customers and we sincerely apologize. We are reviewing our assortment and will remove items as appropriate."

Someone even tried to speak some commonsense to the social media mob which accused Walmart of theft. And he was, of course, shouted down.

Get out of here with your facts and reason!

Apparently, Juneteenth is "a time to buy black." So if a white person is selling something and a black person is selling something similar (for 4x the price, by the way) the holiday demands that we support black businesses.

It sounds to me like this company has just found a way to profit off the holiday themselves to sell $8/pint ice cream! Capitalism wins!

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