South Korea has officially recorded its first robot suicide
· Jun 30, 2024 ·

I kinda figured after the robots gained sentience they'd, you know, take over and either kill or enslave us all.

Instead they're apparently just deciding to check out and off themselves:

A city council in South Korea said on Wednesday (Jun 26) their first administrative officer robot was defunct after throwing itself down some stairs, with local media mourning the country's first robot suicide.

South Korea's Gumi City Council announced the robot was found unresponsive after having apparently fallen down a 2m staircase last week.

Poor guy just up and pulled a RoboCop!

There are signs that the little bugger was distressed. He was reportedly seen "circling in one spot" just prior to the accident, apparently assuming something of interest was there.

"Pieces have been collected and will be analyzed by the company," one official said, and why do I feel like I've seen this one before?

South Koreans, who just love their robots, are having a tough time with this one.

'It was officially a part of the city hall, one of us,' another official said. 'It worked diligently.'

Headlines in local media questioned the apparent robot suicide, saying: 'Why did the diligent civil officer do it?' or asking 'was work too hard' for the robot?

And to think, the poor little guy only had a few years left until retirement.

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