SEBTS prez says white evangelicals need to "surrender power" and "surrender leadership at the table." No word yet on whether he plans on stepping down.

Mar 22nd

Here's Danny Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and prominent leader in the Southern Baptist Convention:

He said:

"One of the things that white evangelicals in particular have got to do is become better listeners. In addition to that, we've got to be willing to surrender power, which is, again, not indigenous to our nature. Not only do we need to invite ethnic minorities into our room and to have a seat at the table, we even need to be willing to surrender leadership at the table if we're really going to make progress and really help our brothers and sisters understand we see them on an equal plane with ourselves."

This is sad.

Not the idea of any minority having power anywhere -- that's not sad.

The fact that this woke doctrine of equity via social engineering is taking over everywhere I look -- that is sad.

...Still no word on whether Akin plans on "surrendering his power" and "leadership at the table" for the greater good.


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