Stacey Abrams says she was "trained to read and understand the Bible" and that abortion bans are grounded in "cruelty and meanness" 🥴
· Aug 23, 2022 ·

One of the oddest and least convincing arguments from pro-aborts is simply that pro-lifers are mean, cruel, and evil. They only want to enslave women and hurt them, just because they're sadists.

That's the trope Stacey Abrams turns to in this campaign speech given at a church in Georgia as she is again running for governor of Georgia.

Our boy Woke Preacher Clips found this gem. (The whole speech can be found here).

I was trained to read and understand the Bible, and I will tell you this, there is nothing about the decision to eliminate access to abortion care that is grounded in anything other than cruelty and meanness and danger in the state of Georgia. Nothing!

The anger in her voice, the hatred she clearly has for the pro-life position is palpable.

"I was trained to read an understand the Bible..."

A great exegetical expositor of the Word, methinks she is not.

At least she's still the President of United Earth on the Star Trek: Discovery series (not joking):

Fact: A clear biblical ethic teaches us that preborn babies are human beings that don't deserve to be murdered, and that a holy and just God will judge those who commit murder.

But these logical intricacies escape Abrams, who is simply trying to rile up anger against her Republican foe, Brian Kemp.

Brian Kemp, and yes, I'm going to call his name, is a hard-right religious extremist who has decided that he knows better than any woman about her body and has decided to make women second-class citizens in the state of Georgia in the year of our Lord 2022.

Hard-Right Religious Extremist = Someone who agrees with God that baby murder is bad.

Abortion is all about women's rights in Abrams' world. There's not one second of consideration for the person she's advocating the murder of. It's about creating "strong and powerful" women like her.

She goes on to further show HER ignorance while trying to paint her opponents as ignorant.

Let's be clear about what this law does. A 6-week [abortion] ban means you either failed biology or you failed morality because it is before most women know that they're pregnant.

First off, LOTS of women know by 6 weeks that they're pregnant. In some cases they may not, in others they do.

But how is that relevant? The issue isn't when someone KNOWS they're pregnant. That doesn't suddenly change whether or not it's a human life in the womb.

She then goes on to repeat common myths about abortion laws, like that they apply to women who have had miscarriages.

Stacey Abrams is a failed politician, an election denier, and a pro-death campaigner who stands in front of a church to spew her falsehoods as she aims to garner power for herself.

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