Stanford employee who incited panic on campus over rape claims arrested for making up assaults as revenge hoax on coworker
· · Mar 16, 2023 ·

Jennifer Ann Gries, 25, was an employee working as the Housing Service Center Supervisor at Stanford who TWICE claimed to have been raped on campus by the same man in 2022. The campus was swept with fear and angry protests as a result.

Authorities have now charged Gries with two counts of felony perjury, asserting that she made the claims to get revenge on a coworker.

I know that speaking to law enforcement can be traumatic, but the reason we have law enforcement is so that they can investigate these sorts of crimes. Instead, Gries wanted to avoid interacting with the police, using an anti-cop leftist reasoning, of course, and deliver repercussions through the school instead.

The idea that there's all this unreported and hidden rape on college campuses is an old idea that Steven Crowder has done TONS of work debunking.

But the narrative still remains and did real damage in this case.

Gries allegedly was taking revenge against a male coworker who she held a grudge against, reportedly because he had given her "false [romantic] intention" and "turned her friends against her."

In March 2022, she made a sexual harassment claim against this coworker. She told a coworker that she and this man were in a relationship and that he had raped her and gotten her pregnant with twins that miscarried.

All of this was a lie.

From the NY Post:

"Can't I just make his life a living hell myself, "Gries texted her coworker about the alleged assault. "I need to start standing up for myself … I am so annoyed … I'm coming up with a plan. That way he's s — -ing his pants for multiple days."

Authorities say there is no evidence the two coworkers we ever romantically involved and that forensic exams after each rape allegation revealed no evidence either.

Gries wrote a letter apologizing to her victim, but he said the entire incident has "scarred" him during a time he was caring for his ill mother, who has since passed away.

"This is disgusting. I don't feel human. I don't feel human at all," he reportedly told investigators with tears in his eyes.

Despite this, the radical feminist groups are refusing to back down:

The reason Gries is being charged with a felony is that she applied for taxpayer money from California's program that assists victims.

In both cases, Gries was awarded public money through the California Victim of Crimes Board, the filing shows. It's not clear how much cash she was eligible for, but applicants can qualify for a maximum of $70,000, program documents show.

Stanford itself released a statement that seemed to side with the feminist groups in decrying a "prevalent" campus rape culture, emphasizing that false rape reports are "extremely rare."

"These false reports are damaging, both for true survivors of sexual assault and for the members of our community who experienced fear and alarm from the reports. We also want to emphasize that both false reports and outcomes such as this one are extremely rare in sexual assault cases," the school said in a statement.

"Sexual assault and other sexual offenses regrettably continue to be prevalent both at Stanford and in our broader society. Our steadfast commitment to provide compassionate support for survivors of sexual assault and to prevent these acts from occurring in the first place remains unabated."


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