Super woke Alyssa Milano honors RBG by misspelling her name twice in Halloween tribute

Nov 1st

Actress Alyssa Milano made a double-gaffe Saturday when she tweeted a tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, spelling the late justice's name wrong in two separate posts.

As I show you this spectacular fail, let me remind you that Milano is a super-woke, virtue-signaling bombast who has positioned herself at the middle of our national sociopolitical conversations and made it a point to morally shame anyone right of Stalin for their political stances, ideas, and faith.

In 2018, Milano attended the Senate circus show – err, hearings – of Brett Kavanaugh, sitting front and center with the expressed intent of showing the American people that Kavanaugh was a monster. She penned this piece for CNN at the time.

"If professor Christine Blasey Ford is to be believed, and I believe she is, Brett Kavanaugh is a sexual predator," wrote Milano, even though there was absolutely no corroboration or evidence outside of a single woman's smear campaign against Kavanaugh.

After smearing Kavanaugh's name and attempting to link him to Trump and the lie that the administration was keeping migrant kids in cages (WHO BUILT THE CAGES, JOE?), Milano suggested Kavanaugh would create a "further institutionalization of sexual violence" that would "rear its ugly head in myriad unseen ways throughout our nation."

When Joe Biden was accused of sexual assault, however, Milano backpedalled, saying "I just don't feel comfortable throwing away a decent man that I've known for 15 years," saying "the world is gray," and defending due process, dealing a death blow to the #MeToo movement.

Milano has also been in the news for a variety of other stupid things, including her infamous call for a "sex strike" after Georgia passed a fetal heartbeat bill in order to save the lives of unborn children. Milano was rightly and justly mocked online.

This brings us to Halloween 2020, when this representative of the elitist Left decided to dress as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. There was only one problem. Despite religiously adoring Ginsburg as a saint of the Left, Milano had no idea how to spell her name. After scrambling Ginsburg's initials in her first tweet, Milano deleted the post and rewrote the tweet... biffing it again.

"RGB forever," read the first tweet, followed by "Happy Halloween, Ruth Bader Ginsberg."

I don't judge people for their command of grammar and spelling on social platforms. It's also worth noting that if you try to write "RBG," your phone might autocorrect it to "RGB," assuming you're writing about the color spectrum.

I DO, however, poke fun at holier-than-thou celebrities who have made it their livelihood to morally lecture the rest of us online.

The resulting comments were both beautiful and merciless:


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