Survey shows rapid rise in white leftists seeing violence as acceptable in politics. Who'da thunk?
· Mar 12, 2021 ·

Remember how conservative wHiTe sUpReMaCiSts are a growing coalition based on violent extremism? Thats what CNN and the New York Times have been saying nonstop since before Obama left office.

Let the following chart derail that leftist propaganda for a moment, as shared by the good Dr. Jordan Peterson himself:

Note that what the chart is tracking is the percentage of each demographic that answered "NOT AT ALL," meaning they believe violence is NEVER justified to pursue political goals.

Now look again at that left side:

Let me break the chart down for you, because a heck of a lot of people got confused over what this actually says. This poll question is from the American National Elections Studies run by Stanford and University of Michigan, and funded by the National Science Foundation. It asked people if they consider violence acceptable in achieving political goals.

  • Among whites, 86.8% of moderates in 2016 said "not at all," meaning violence is never acceptable. This means 13.2% did think violence is sometimes okay.
  • In 2020, the number of moderates who believe violence is "not at all" justified went down, meaning the number of moderates who believe violence is acceptable went up (14.2%).

Now look to the right of the chart:

  • The number of "somewhat conservative" whites who believe political violence is never justified went six points down from 2016 to 2020. Only 5.8% now consider such violence acceptable.
  • "Very conservative" white people were the least likely to approve of political violence, with only 4.2% in that category.

Finally, look to the left of the chart:

  • "Somewhat liberal" whites had a slight decrease in people who tolerate political violence, while solidly "liberal" whites actually had more acceptance of violence – up to 17.2% in 2020 from 11.9% in 2016.
  • "Very liberal" whites had the biggest change, with 33.5% believing political violence is sometimes justified compared to only 13.1% in 2018.

That, my friends, is staggering.

Of course, if you had eyeballs this last year, you knew that. You knew from watching hordes of violent rioters march through your city streets. You knew from the $2 billion in property damage caused by Antifa and BLM activists. You knew from the literal calls to violence from people on mainstream media, and the way celebrities have dehumanized people who disagree with them.

This is just one slice of the pie from this one particular poll, so it doesn't sum up everything. It is, however, a very important indicator when the media says alt-right white supremacy is the biggest threat our nation is facing.

They gaslight all day long, and they'll pump out narratives about insurrectionists and neo-Nazis until they are red in the face.

Yet the data, and our eyeballs, seem to disagree.

Don't look at the gaslight.

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