Yowza: AOC and Jerry Nadler Join Other NY Politicians Calling for Cuomo's Resignation ... and AOC Brought Up the Nursing Home Scandal 😮
· Mar 12, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Andrew Cuomo's days as governor of New York may be numbered as numerous big-name New York politicians are starting to turn on the embattled governor after a SIXTH woman has come forward to accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment.

This morning, in what appears to be a coordinated effort by New York Democrats, you have many leaders in the party explicitly asking Andrew Cuomo to resign.

First, let's look at the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler's, statement.

Nadler praises the alleged victims of Andrew Cuomo for their bravery in coming forward, briefly mentions that he isn't making a legal judgment, but a political one, concluding, "Governor Cuomo has lost the confidence of the people of New York. Governor Cuomo must resign."

Nadler is saying, straight up, regardless of the legal outcome of investigations it's politically inconvenient so Cuomo must resign his position.

This has, of course, nothing to do with the thousands of nursing home deaths that Cuomo and his staff covered up. It just has to do with the sexual assault allegations.

Now we have the Great and Incomparable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who released this statement on Twitter minutes after Nadler. She also calls for the Governor's resignation but with a major difference.

First, the Illustrious and Glorious Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recognizes the sixth accuser of Andrew Cuomo, which CNN won't even acknowledge, and cites the recency of this incident as a grounds for demanding the immediate resignation of Cuomo.

However, the Wonderful Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, along with Jamaal Bowman in this joint statement, goes much further than Nadler, addressing something that no other Democrat dare touch. The New York nursing home scandal. The real scandal that Cuomo should answer for.

From the joint statement:

"Unfortunately, the Governor is not only facing the accusation that he engaged in a pattern of sexual harrassment and assault. There is also the extensive report from the Attorney General that found the Cuomo administration hid data on COVID-19 nursing home deaths from both the public and the state legislature."

She did it! A Democrat actually criticized Andrew Cuomo's insane nursing home policy.

Now, she may have thrown it in as an aside, an "oh by the way" sort of statement, but at least the issue is addressed.

It is telling that the nursing home scandal alone isn't enough to call for resignation from Democrats. That's not surprising. They want to use this sexual harassment scandal to cover up the nursing home scandal. Democrats in New York want to quietly force Cuomo out of office.

It is, frankly, quite surprising that the Immense and Powerful Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brings up the nursing home scandal. But given that she is a clever political operative you can be assured that AOC is using this to her advantage in some way.


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