"Who Checks the Fact Checkers?" Watch as OutKick's Clay Travis Savages Facebook in Front of the House Judiciary Committee
· Mar 12, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Today, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing regarding "Big Tech" and their monopolistic practices suppressing news and killing smaller competitors.

One person directly affected by Facebook's actions is Clay Travis, founder of the sports outlet Outkick and host of the Outkick the Coverage radio program. Travis talks about two specific times that Facebook fact-checking punished his page, as well as the amount of traffic on his posts falling immediately after an interview with Donald Trump.

His entire opening statement can be watched here:

In his statement, Travis concludes by asking maybe the most important question when it comes to the decisions made by Facebook: "Who checks the fact-checkers?"

It's as simple as that. Facebook is choosing their own fact-checkers and they have to be believed no matter what. There is no balance of ideas. It's totally one-sided and there's nothing an individual or relatively small private company like Outkick, or the Babylon Bee, or Not the Bee, can do about it.

Travis also concludes with a very important point. One that conservatives are skittish about addressing:

Our traffic decreased by 80%, as you can see, when Facebook found this violation. We would all be rightly concerned if the government of the United States was making these kinds of decisions. My concern is that all of the big-tech companies now have the same power that China has to regulate the internet in its country. Instead of the government doing it we have allowed big-tech to do it.

I know, conservatives are afraid to say it, but I don't mind. Big-tech is more powerful than the government in certain ways. And if the big-tech companies collude to suppress free speech it is the duty of the government to intervene to protect our rights. In my humble opinion, of course.

There's room for debate on what that looks like. But it is beyond concerning that big-tech can work together to shut down speech.

You can watch the entire hearing here.


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