Leftist Sweden is cutting ties with trans group WPATH because of its insane child recommendations, but the US is still following its guidance
· · Dec 21, 2022 · NottheBee.com

The very progressive and liberal nation of Sweden is showing that they still have at least a little bit of common sense in health leadership.

Sweden has decided to cut ties with WPATH, the World Professional Association of Transgender Health because they're a bunch of activists.

Swedish health authorities have officially broken ranks with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) with the announcement that gender clinics will no longer be attempting to perform experimental sex changes on under-18s but will instead offer "psychological support to help youth live with the healthy body they were born with."

According to an article published in the Swedish medical journal Läkartidningen, new guidelines will be published before the end of the year advising against puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery for under 18s. This is in direct contrast with the WPATH Standards of Care 8 (SOC8) released earlier this year which advises affirmation and medical intervention as the first line of treatment for gender-confused minors.

Sweden is rejecting these recommendations because it's clearly an extreme measure to do sex change operations on minors.

However, the Biden admin has told us that they're totally on board with the radical recommendations.

In the US, we are spending taxpayer dollars to trans the kids.

Reimer said that the previous Swedish guidelines were based upon the WPATH Standards of Care 7 (SOC7) but when the internationally respected professional association released its SOC8, debate broke out amongst Swedish doctors over the removal of all lower age limits and the inclusion of "eunuch" as an innate gender identity even children can possess. Reimer, as well as many other experts, believes this is a sign that WPATH is not a scientific organization but instead an activist group.

"Had this been published anywhere other than in a supposedly scientific article, it would have been thought that it was satire," said Reimer. "The fact that the National Board of Health and Welfare's updated guidelines should no longer be based on such an obviously activist organization as WPATH is of course welcome."

"In Swedish healthcare, child psychiatry will continue to be responsible for treating those under the age of 18 who experience gender incongruence and suffer from it. The care will now primarily consist of psychological support to help the youth live with the healthy body they are born with," Reimer concluded.

How about that? Sweden sees that performing life-altering surgery on kids under 18 is a big deal.

Sweden can say, "Hey, let's not take the health and sex recommendations of pedophilic eunuch fetishists at face value."

But in the US, saying that makes you a bigot!


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