Swedish state TV just dropped a new docu-series on the original Swedes ... guess what they look like 🥴
· Nov 7, 2023 · NottheBee.com

There are a bunch of people out there who think black Africans built everything from Egypt to Rome, but did you know they also settled the vast wilderness of Scandinavia??

Yes, this is a real series that SVT, the Swedish public TV entity, just dropped. And yes, they decided to use African and Middle Eastern actors because of course they did.

From The Nordic Times this summer:

Historien om Sverige (The history of Sweden) is not just any TV series, but SVT's biggest ever historical venture, which has taken three years to produce and will be broadcast this fall. The taxpayer-funded channel boasts that "300 historians and experts have been involved" in the work on the series, which has been scored by Ludwig Göransson, who won an Oscar for the music in the Hollywood film "Black Panther", which is very popular in black power circles.

Really leaning into that "diverse" landscape that includes no white people, even in the soundtrack.

Hollywood would be proud!

The series will tell the story of Sweden from the Ice Age to modern times. The first clips released show that early Swedes are portrayed by people of African and Middle Eastern origin - rather than white Europeans of Nordic descent.

I mean, of course. It would be evil to imply that people with less melanin in their skin have historic homelands or deserve a place to live on the current planet. What's important is showing how the evil white colonizers supplanted the peace-loving melanated peoples the world over!

In case you think there isn't race-based Marxism at play here:

As part of the mass media and political campaign for continued mass immigration to Sweden, it has become increasingly common in recent years to claim that Sweden has always been multi-ethnic and that the early Swedes did not in fact look anything like today's light-skinned Swedes - but more like sub-Saharan Africans - an ‘educational campaign' spearheaded by SVT itself.

Yes, there's truth to this. I'm sure there were some darker-skinned people who migrated north over thousands of years.

But in case you forgot, let me repeat what I just quoted:

...it has become increasingly common in recent years to claim that Sweden has always been multi-ethnic and that the early Swedes did not in fact look anything like today's light-skinned Swedes - but more like sub-Saharan Africans - an ‘educational campaign' spearheaded by SVT itself.

Why the need to "spearhead" this "educational campaign"?

After all, people didn't look anything like Swedes or Brits or Greeks or Turks or Jews or Han Chinese or Malays or Chamars or Tigrayan or Fulani many thousands of years ago. According to the Christian account, everyone is descended from the same relative, Noah, and his three sons after the worldwide Flood. Such an event would have resulted in a genetic bottleneck that messed with our DNA, something reported by the Bible itself in shortening lifespans.

The Bible also mentions where these three sons settled. From there, the Bible says people spread out - and at one point, God forced them to spread out by vastly differentiating their languages. At that point, people with the same language formed people groups that scattered. Certain traits were multiplied and became more prominent in combination with micro-adaptations to their environments.

Yes, those with dark skin tended to die off in frigid places (like SWEDEN) because they did not have the vitamin D needed to survive. Likewise, those with light skin didn't survive well around the equator in the beating sun.

But it's not just skin color. Every part of you has been genetically specialized for a certain climate. Consider the Smithsonian Magazine's 2017 article on nose shapes:

In a study published today in the journal PLOS Genetics, Shriver shows how the temperature and humidity of the air we breathe has impacted the shape of what we breathe with.


"In the tropics where the air is hot and therefore rarefied, more of it is necessary and it is essential that there should be no impediment to the air currents so the nostrils are open and wide and the nose very flat. Such a nose is unsuited for cold countries as it permits masses of cold air to flood the air passages and irritate the lining membrane, so that the nose must be large and have much warming surface, and the nostrils therefore are slender slits to admit air in thin ribbons easily warmed. [...] Hence there must have been a natural selection in cold countries of one kind of variations — large contracted noses, and a selection in hot countries of the other extreme, so that the various types gradually arose."

You hear stories such as that of Anna Bågenholm, a Swede who was trapped in frigid water for 80 minutes in 1999. Her body temp went down to 56.7 °F, and yet she survived. Audrey Schoeman did the same when she was caught in a snowstorm in the Pyrenees in 2019, surviving 6 hours despite being near-frozen. Those who come from ancestors who lived in frigid conditions have all sorts of interesting circulatory and energy adaptations (such as how fat is stored) to help survive in a cold climate. Other adaptations can be found among those who live in other environments. Imagine that!

The fact that we call people "white" or "black" is insane, considering how unique we all are

This is why the Sami, a traditional people group that lives in the far-north of Scandinavia, looks like this:

So why does Swedish TV want to push the idea that people like this are the true and original settlers of the land???

A clue:

But perhaps I'm being too mean. Perhaps the CTV producers just think their countrymen are all vile racists and they could soften their racist hearts by showing them that the history of the country is more diverse than their ignorant minds could comprehend. That would be preferable to race-based communism, I suppose.

Now for a final thought.

I mentioned the Bible because there's really no reason for us not to be racist outside of a moral framework that teaches a shared heritage of humanity. If we all came from various subspecies that merged and dominated over millions of years, then what the eugenicists have posed since the time of Darwin...

You didn't know Darwin was a racist? And why shouldn't he have been?

...is true. If homo sapiens is just the best product of a series of adaptations meant to make us more ruthless in our survival within a meaningless, hostile world, then there really is no reason for me to believe that there aren't certain traits that divide us into "races" and that certain races with certain traits are inherently superior. Within the atheistic framework, might makes right, people.

But since the time of the Nazis, we've tried to hold onto the atheistic framework while shoehorning in the Christian framework so people don't go full Nazi again. As it it turns out, this doesn't work the moment hostilities between people groups start happening.

(Say, mass migration in Europe where even state TV is replacing citizens in depictions of their own history)

It's only within the idea that we are all equal and we are all one family and one race, with slight variations due to the amazing ability of the genetic code written by the hand of God Himself, that we can have any sort of understanding, equality, and peace.

But the people running state TV these days aren't interested in things like peace. There are still white people to decolonize, after all.

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