Texans in Houston are using Whataburger’s app to track power outages because it’s more up to date than the energy companies
· Jul 10, 2024 · NottheBee.com

After Hurricane Beryl plowed through northeastern Texas, about 2 million people were left without power.

It's been hit or miss with the utilities about when the power will be restored, and you can't blame them, really.

This mess can't be easy to clean up.

But at least one clever Houstonian, who goes by the moniker BBQBryan, has found a way around the lack of updates.

BBQBryan is tracking the power outages using the Whataburger app.

Check it out.

  • Orange Ws = Power

  • Gray Ws = Sadness

Here is some helpful information if you want to try it out for yourself:

Disaster truly is the mother of innovation.

In addition to national attention and kudos from his fellow Houstonians, the burger chain itself noticed how BBQBryan was using their app.

'We're glad the Whataburger app has been helpful to Houston residents to understand where power is available in the city,' Whataburger President and CEO Ed Nelson told USA TODAY.

They even reached out to BBQBryan and offered to mail him something for his novel use of their app.

Now, the question is what they are going to mail him?

Shout out to Not the Bee user @gamilus for the heads up about this story.

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