A Texas school district says it didn't tell teachers to not "out" students to parents. This district counsellor says that's a lie ... and that they were trained to call CPS if parents didn't use correct "pronouns."
· May 23, 2022 · NottheBee.com

In January, it leaked that the Round Rock Independent School District in Texas had a policy to hide a child's affiliation with the LGBT crowd from parents.

This allows teachers to affirm LGBT identity in children behind parents' backs and socially transition children regardless of their parents' wishes.

(This is also known as "grooming.")

The school district, of course, denied these accusations and assured parents that they would be involved.

Well, it turns out that was a lie.

This school counselor blew the lid off the whole operation at a recent school board meeting.

As a district counselor, I want to speak to the agenda item that's addressing the duties and responsibilities of employees.

In January, an article went public regarding a teacher training that instructed teachers and staff to not "out" students to their parents. Round Rock ISD responded to parents concerns by saying, and I quote "Our district's practice is to include parents in their child's education. This slide is not a district prepared training." End quote.

While it was not a district prepared training, and we do strive to include parent's in their child's education, we actually were advised to not tell parents about their child's preferred names and pronouns if the child asked us not to.

Yeah, so the school district straight-up lied to these parents when this came out.

They were exposed for instructing staff to hide information about a child's sexuality from their parents, and when they were called out on it they said that was not their actual standard practice.

And that was a lie.

We were told we could encourage the student to tell their parent but we were advised only to tell a parent if and when that parent specifically asked us, so that we weren't lying.

Our schools are out here using teachers to "affirm" sexual degeneracy in children and not tell parents about what their kids are up to unless directly confronted.

And, of course, it gets worse.

We were also informed that if we believe a parent or guardian's unwillingness to use their child's preferred names or pronouns is causing harm to the child, as mandated reporters, we can contact CPS (child protective services).

In this school district, and many others, if you are a woke teacher who "affirms" (aka grooms) LGBT children, and if you think their parents aren't woke enough, the school district encourages you to call CPS on the parents.

So, if you think that little Tommy shouldn't live under the illusion that he's little Tammy, a woke teacher could contact the state to have YOUR child removed from you.

Because, obviously, the state knows how to raise your kids better than you do!

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