Army sergeant sentenced to 25 years for killing AK-wielding BLM protester who approached sergeant's car door with rifle in low-ready position while mob kept sergeant from leaving
· May 10, 2023 ·

Texas, y'all better kick these activist judges out of your state.

Daniel Perry, 35, an Army sergeant, was convicted last month by a Travis County jury of murder in the fatal shooting of Garrett Foster in downtown Austin in July 2020.

Here is a photo of Garret Foster on the night in question:

Here he is approaching Perry's car as an angry mob surrounded Perry, preventing him from fleeing.

You're in a vehicle in Mogadishu – err, Texas – and you're an Army guy who is likely familiar with the tactical "uh-ohs" associated with being in a stationary car surrounded by hostiles.

(We call that a "kill box," folks.)

Then, as the mob is yelling and pounding on your car, a masked man with his AK rifle in the low-ready position approaches your driver's side window.

Here's an illustration from this incident to show you how close the man with the readied AK is to your car door:

What do you do?

According to these Soros DAs and leftist judges, take the bullets to your face like a good little peasant!

Here's the video of that night as well:

[Warning: Violence]

Thankfully, Texas Gov. Abbott is promising to free Perry. In this writer's opinion, you citizens of the Lone Star State need to hold him to his word unless you want your sons and daughters to be sacrificed to the woke dragon for defending themselves.

I've leave you with this compelling video from Ranger vet John Lovell, who will show you how very little time you have to react in a situation like this:

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