The Atlantic says Biden "deserves credit, not blame" over the hot mess that is Afghanistan right now. Seriously! 😠🤡

Aug 30th

What a piece of utter trash:

An alternative title is "Glorious Leader Deserves Credit For Making Sun Rise in East, Not Blame For Your Lack Of Food."

Has another Babylon Bee headline come true?

Unlike his three immediate predecessors in the Oval Office, all of whom also came to see the futility of the Afghan operation, Biden alone had the political courage to fully end America's involvement.

I mean, my goodness, how far is the media going to go to praise their chosen one?

Look at these insane tweets from people who have completely lost themselves in their religious zeal for a senile, incompetent politician?

Yeah, that's the WaPo "fact-checker" signaling he's a fan boy, just in case you were wondering.

The spin is so insane here it makes my head hurt.

Normally, I'd chuckle at this. It's the media being its own clownself. You get used to it. These people need a story – any story – to prove why they and their political icons are the heroes, even as they claim their ideological opponents are the ones who are steeped in cultic thinking.

But this?? This? That Biden deserves credit for THE WORST FOREIGN POLICY DISASTER IN AMERICAN HISTORY?

The Atlantic says we should be "proud" of this!

The heck??

Outside of a few faithful disciples in their cozy newsrooms, no one is saying Supreme Leader Biden did a good job. CNN's chief international correspondent in Kabul literally said, "If this isn't failure, what is?"

Do I need to remind you of the bodies falling from airplanes???

Or that 13 of our marines aren't even cold in the ground yet from a suicide bombing that killed over 200 people?

Or that we just handed $85 BILLION in military goodies to bad men who want to destroy us?

Or that we're giving the names of our citizens to terrorists?

Or that we literally handed over Kabul?

Or that Osama bin Laden wrote in 2010 that Joe Biden would be the perfect leader to screw everything up royally?

I'm sure in the future, as we unravel this mess, there will be some room for nuance that doesn't place all the blame on Biden... but The Atlantic doesn't have a single negative thought for their glorious leader:

[Biden] did so even as his critics again sought to capitalize on tragedy for their own political gain: Republicans called for the impeachment of Biden and of Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Within hours of the attack at the airport, America struck back, killing two terrorists and injuring another with a missile launched from a drone. A separate drone strike targeted a vehicle full of explosives on Sunday. In doing so, Biden countered the argument that America might lack the intelligence or military resources we would need to defend ourselves against violent extremists now that our troops are leaving.

Does this guy hear himself? Look, I generally liked Trump and voted twice for him. I also knew when he did or said something wrong how to disagree and call him out for it.

But look at the words used in this article. He's pulling out all the stops to stump for Biden. It's all about those POUNCING Republicans!

Oh, and about that airstrike:

Yeah, so maybe don't tout killing two bad guys when 7 little kids were murked in the process.

You've had enough of this contemptible garbage – and if you are going to believe Atlantic writers over the testimonies of thousands of troops, experts, and reporters on the ground I can't change your mind – so I'll just leave you with this final thought:

P.S. Now you should watch our latest video because isn't it time for some answers from Christian Biden supporters? 👇

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