The Bidens took a picture with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter and people had serious questions about their sizes

May 4th

This is one wild picture:

The Bidens visited the former president and first lady last Thursday as part of Joe's celebration of making it 100 days in office.

People were a bit, well, confused, as to why the Carters looked like dolls next to the giant Bidens.

Here's some photos of Joe, Jimmy, and Rosalynn in the 1970s so you can see that Carter is not, in fact, a gnome:

* * *

* * *

* * *

With that being said, the internet was still very, very confused:

The woke made sure to point out that Jill has a PhD in education:

Some tried to fix the photo to no avail:

Others noted that the only time Biden doesn't have a mask on is when he's hanging out with a 96-year-old man because SCIENCE!

So what in blue blazes is happening here?

Most likely, the photographer that snapped this pic used a wide angle lens to fit everyone in a photo while being constrained by the small size of the room.

Instead of removing the size distortion, said photographer just uploaded it and made us think the Bidens are descended from the Nephilim:

Just to be clear for all the "fact-checkers" out there, we are not claiming that the Bidens are giant lizard people who will devour us all. The science is still out on that one.


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