The CDC is now launching "swift interventions" to destroy the 2nd Amendment – err, tackle the "public health threat" of gun violence
· Sep 30, 2021 ·

This is your daily reminder that the right to defend life, liberty, and property is a God-given right that no government can take away.

With that in mind, an agency that was first started to rid America of malaria is now planning to take away the constitutional amendment that enshrines that right:

The federal behemoth – scaly, musky swamp creature that it is – is trying to use every unelected agency possible to nuke freedom.

More from The Post Millennial:

As part of this study, the CDC is now providing funding to 10 state health departments so that these departments can provide relevant data in near-real time on emergency room nonfatal firearm injuries.

"This will allow doctors and epidemiologists to potentially identify trends and craft swift interventions, as they have done to contain the coronavirus pandemic and other national health emergencies," wrote NPR.

This sounds fine on its face, but you know this is going to be used to justify more draconian, unconstitutional laws, just like the White House somehow used the CDC to keep people from evicting squatters on their property.

They already said as much last month when they first indicated they would be studying gun violence as an "epidemic." If the government can force you to lose your job because you won't get a vaccine, they sure as heck can confiscate your weapons.

"Timely state- and local-level data on emergency department visits for nonfatal firearm injuries are currently limited. The collection of near-real-time data on emergency department visits for nonfatal firearm injuries overall and by intent (intentional self-directed, unintentional, and assault-related) can support state and local jurisdictions in identifying and responding to emerging public health problems," the CDC stated.

Meanwhile, criminals in Chiraq will still be firing full-auto at intersections with 100-round drum mags:

I leave you with this thought:

You know the insanity unfolding in Australia right now?

The only thing preventing that is the fact that 'Merica has 400 million boomsticks and isn't afraid to use them.

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