A squirrel keeps filling up this guy's truck with walnuts. 42 GALLONS of walnuts.
· Sep 30, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Okay, this story is pretty funny unless you're Bill Fischer, who owns this Chevy Avalanche:

Yes, apparently there are some COLD winters up there in Fargo, because this squirrel seemed to be preparing for some sort of winter apocalypse. Fischer parks his truck in his driveway near a walnut tree, and it looks to me as if every single walnut that has dropped from it has ended up in his truck.

Check out these photos:

Look at all those 5-gallon buckets!

Fischer says he's removed 42 GALLONS of walnuts from his truck.

42 gallons!!!

I wish I knew how many walnuts were in each of those buckets. They're about the size of a lime, so you go ahead and do that physical math in your head and we can have a competition in the comments to see who comes closest. You get extra credit if you load up a 5-gallon bucket with walnuts to give us the answer (unhusked walnuts, of course).

Fischer says most of the walnuts he found were under the hood, but some of them were stored in the fenders and along the frame rail. Luckily, he spotted the little furry guy "come behind [the truck], run along the frame rail and all the way up to the front" a few times and became aware of the situation.

I found a few other links online from years past of people who didn't know there were walnuts stored under their hood, so they just drove around like that for who knows how long.

Let's just say their cars were in pretty rough shape!

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