The CDC wants you to trust the science, which is why they said "pregnant people" instead of "women" in their new advisory 🤡
· Sep 30, 2021 ·

Only women can get pregnant.

I guess I know more about science than the CDC!

"[T]hose pregnant, recently pregnant or trying to become pregnant..."

Who are "those" people, hmm?

It's laughable.

Let's look at this the infographic attached to this public service announcement, shall we?

First of all, can we talk about this weird pastel-cartoon-blob design that everyone – from the CDC to Google to banks – is using these days?

I hate it. Most of you probably hate it. No one is going to have posters of this junky style up on their walls as collectibles in a hundred years.

How in the world did we get from this... this?

Our culture is regressing.

But I digress.

The poster repeatedly refers to "pregnant people" instead of "women" – you know, the half of our species (and all other species reliant on dichotomous sexual differentiation to reproduce) that actually carries and bears children?

Some of us also believe human beings are created in the image of God, and that erasing the unique gifts of femininity, pregnancy, and motherhood that are given exclusively to women is offensive to the very Creator of the universe.

Of course the the media (being little puppets devoid of free thought) immediately copied the CDC's language:

Ironically, this type of circus show is far more likely to alienate the very women the CDC is trying to reach, and it makes all of us less willing to take them seriously on anything.

Oh, one more thing!

Despite their adherence to woke Newspeak, the CDC made a mistake.

The referred to a pre-born human as a "baby":

I can practically hear the disciples of Planned Parenthood shrieking at this grievous sin!

Better luck next time, CDC.

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