The Covid tyrants want you to forget what they did. Let this lady remind them that accountability is coming.
· Feb 8, 2023 ·

The absolute worst corona-dictators spent years treating people in the most vile, inhumane, horrid way that I can imagine.

Even in an area with relatively diverse political views, I found myself as an absolute social outcast for not wearing masks or getting the vaccine.

But I was still fortunate. I didn't have to personally watch what the politicians and hospitals did to our loved ones:

[Warning: Strong Language]



We all feel this lady's pain. I'm not sure where she's from, but her mention of Rebel News would indicate Canada, where Covid tyranny is at its worst.

For some like me, it was the way neighbors, family, and friends cast you aside because you were unwilling to believe what the CDC, Pfizer, and the White House were peddling. Cheers to you fellow conspiracy theorists who were right about everything.

For others, you came to the horrific realization of what was happening when governors were shuttling Covid patients into your mother's nursing home, when you were barred from seeing or visiting your loved ones for weeks and months, when you were fired from your job for not getting the jab, when police arrested you for keeping your church open, and when your restaurant was shut down by the health department because you refused to collect people's private info so the government could "trace" them.

Covid is over, but its ripple effects – 90% of which are from the government's response, not the virus itself – are just getting started.

Those who wish to ensure that justice is done properly without devolving our society into the inevitable violent, populist backlash should be brave and stop covering for the liars, fear mongers, HR Karens, and tyrants.

Because accountability is coming.

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