WaPo seriously took the time to publish this article about the "cult" of Diet Coke because Elon Musk enjoys the drink and they are obsessed with destroying him
· · Nov 30, 2022 · NottheBee.com

If you need evidence that Elon Musk is part of an evil, rightwing cult, look no further than THIS tweet from the evil free-speech authoritarian himself:

Do you see it? The clear evidence of evil and cult-like behavior?

Yes, that's right, Elon Musk drinks Diet Coke!

Here's how the "Democracy Dies in Darkness" folks decided to go after Musk this time.




At least in his apparent affinity for the calorie-free cola, he is in vast company. Even those of us who never drink the stuff are familiar with Diet Coke People. They are a tribe whose allegiance to the product goes beyond brand loyalty and into something deeper. Sure, there are other ways people organize their identities around a preference for one thing over another: sports fans, maybe, or people with those Yeti stickers on their trucks. But Diet Coke drinkers differ in that they typically engage constantly with their beloved, aspartame-sweetened potion. Many imbibe all day, every day, empty cans or bottles collecting on their desktops and (like Musk) their bedsides.

You know, WaPo, why don't you just say you don't like Diet Coke?

You could even go the Trump route:

(Man, I'm glad his Twitter is back online)

Of course, Trump himself is also known for his own addiction to Diet Coke.

But, honestly, what in the world is this story?

Why go after Elon for drinking Diet Coke?

What a joke the "moral betters" in journalism are.


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