The Dutch government may generously allow farmers to run two cows per soccer-field-sized pasture
· May 20, 2023 ·

We might chuckle over here at the insane proposals from the climate cult, but over in Europe they're just straight-up going for it:

The Dutch government is considering plans to restrict cattle numbers to two cows per football pitch-sized field, putting them on a collision course with the country's farmers.

Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, has not yet approved the proposed limit of up to "0.35 hectares of grassland per livestock unit", which is part of a range of measures designed to help the Netherlands meet European Union climate change targets.

Just in case you're not familiar with agricultural standards, "two cows per football pitch-sized field" is slashing farmers' profits by 40%, since the average number of cows "per football pitch-sized field" is around 3.5 in the Netherlands.

Once you realize that the word "livestock" is a market term and the government is telling farmers they will likely have to cut the number of "units" sold in half, you can understand why the farmers are upset. Imagine if the government forced you to take a 40-50% pay cut for the climate!

Limiting cows to what is effectively one animal per acre is a bid to drastically reduce the amount of meat grown and consumed. That's the point. They don't want you eating meat and they want to make it extremely expensive for you to do so.

Note that the Dutch farmers have been pushing back against this climate change hysteria for a while now:

Let's hope they keep pushing.

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