The European energy grid is about to collapse. Have you heard anything about it?
· Aug 29, 2022 ·

This is one of those things that should make you wonder if the media is actually telling you the truth, because it's insanely important and they aren't reporting on it.

Just like the farmer uprisings across Europe, the news isn't reporting on what is happening with the European energy crisis, despite the fact that it is going to massively affect your daily life (no matter where you live).

From The Brussels Times:

Stainless steel producer Aperam is shutting down its production facility in Genk due to the high energy prices, while fertiliser producer Yara and flooring group Beaulieu are also winding down operations, De Standaard reports.

High energy prices are increasingly hurting industries. Energy-intensive companies competing in the global market are in particular trouble.

How high are energy prices right now in Europe?

High enough to rent another apartment or pay a second mortgage:

A 20-year chart:

Here, Scots burn their energy bills in protest:

Again, you haven't heard about this on the news despite the fact that one very Orange Man was talking about it back in 2018:

It's easy to sit back in our warm American homes and laugh at the European idiocy that has run their nations into the ground.

Yet beyond the impending loss of life we should all care about, this is a problem that will reach far beyond Europe, especially considering it's not going away soon.

Unless something changes fast, the next 5-10 years are looking very dark (literally) for Europeans:

I want you to think about what happens when Europeans are paying a thousand U.S. dollars a month to keep their lights and furnace on.

What does that do to their ability to spend money on, well, literally anything else?

What happens to the world economy when Europeans are hardly able to afford anything more than the world's poorest?

The tweet saying Europe accounts for 25% of S&P 500 earnings is likely quite exaggerated, but financial experts be damned, I want you to think about what happens to the world economy when Europe collapses into another Dark Age.

When they aren't able to afford a fancy bottle of shampoo, let alone eating out or vacations or new clothes or education, what will that do to the American economy? What will it do to China, which requires enormous Western spending to prop up its communist house of cards?

And what will it do considering that we are already following in Europe's footsteps as our energy bills go up?

There are 20 million American homes struggling to pay utility bills.

How many more will there be by the time winter rolls around?

The war in Ukraine is being used as the scapegoat, which is why the media is keeping your eyes on it. They don't want you to get suspicious of all the things their favorite politicians have been doing over the last decade or so:

In the meantime, the leaders of these nations are imposing new rules to reduce energy usage, like turning off lights in public buildings, as they continue to shut down nuclear plants and invest in woke climate policies.

Covid was not the threat they said it was.

This is.

Buckle up.

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