The European Parliament Hosted Interpretive Dancers And I'm Gonna Go Ahead And Interpret This As The End Of Western Civilization
· May 9, 2022 ·

What the heck is happening over in the European Parliament?

Yeah, if this isn't a sign of the apocalypse I don't know what is.

This kind of thing belongs on the university campus of Cal-Berkeley and literally nowhere else.

Can anyone even tell the difference between real interpretive dancing and parody? This looks like something my 5-year-old niece would come up with.

Fortunately, there's enough sanity out there to push back against... whatever this is.

This guy and this girl are all of us.


No wonder the UK left the European Union. What nonsense.

And Not The Bee readers are not alone in recognizing this as nonsense.






Please remind me why Europe is worth defending?

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