The Fed wants you to eat soy instead of turkey at Thanksgiving and I say get REKT you weirdos
· Nov 22, 2021 ·

I will not eat the soy.

I will not eat the bugs.

I will not "own nothing and be happy about it."

The heck?

Instead of being fiscally responsible with our money, the Fed is now covering for Bidenflation by saying us little people should just eat soy.

Why in the world do they think people want to hear their nutrition advice, anyway??

I'm getting a real throwback vibe to the Norman invasion of England here. There's a reason why we use Germanic terms for "cow," "pig," and "sheep," while the food words "mutton," "beef," "veal," "pork" and "bacon" come from French.

Only the Norman-French elites could afford to regularly buy and gorge themselves on said animals.

If only William the Conqueror had had tofurkey to keep the serfs complacent!


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