Woke Girl Scouts are about to spend $500,000 on movement-wide audit to ensure the organization is "antiracist"
· Apr 5, 2021 · NottheBee.com

So the Girl Scouts have been woke for a while now, and I guess they've mostly shown off their wokeness on the "identifies as" front. You know, boys can be girls, therefore boys can be Girl Scouts—that whole gig.

Well, now the Girl Scouts are moving further down the road of wokeness, and promising to become an organization of "antiracism."

No, seriously. They accepted $500,000 from the leftist Ford Foundation in order to do so.

I'm not kidding at all.

And yes, I'm still talking about the Girl Scouts:

The funding from the Ford Foundation will ensure GSUSA can continue on its journey to build an organization where all girls can feel a sense of belonging. The generous support will enable GSUSA to work with expert consultants to conduct a thorough audit of its programs, policies, and practices and evaluate the Girl Scout experiences of members and non-members nationwide. By reexamining existing programming and traditions, GSUSA is making important progress toward fostering a welcoming space for all members, which will require investing in communities across the country as part of a large-scale effort.

So I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say selling Girl Scout cookies is racist.

And camping… well, that's probably racist, too.

I'm gonna guess that the Scouts' Own service, "which includes prayers, readings, and music and is often centered on a theme such as fairness or friendship," is racist.

And yes, of course, Thinking Day, a holiday for Girl Scouts to "think about girls of other cultures and countries, and sometimes to collect donations for international projects"… that's gotta be racist too, right?


On a serious note though, the Girl Scouts have always been an organization for female empowerment, and even for the empowerment of minorities. And this is good. However, over the past ten years or so they've taken steps backwards, first with the trans stuff, which just destroys the word "girl," and then with this antiracist hogwash.

Look, I get it, racism is bad, and we're all working hard to remove the biases we hold. But telling every little girl who signs up for the Girl Scouts that Girl Scout cookies are racist because they promote capitalism, or camping is exclusionary because girls from the inner city can't make the trip, or celebrating other cultures is cultural appropriation…


So I guess I'll just go ahead and keep my girls out of the Girl Scouts then.


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