The Globe Theater, home to William Shakespeare, is putting on a play about Joan of Arc with "They/Them" pronouns
· Aug 12, 2022 ·

If you think that Joan of Arc is the story of a brave gender non-conforming person, I think you've kind of missed a very, very important theme in the story.

Joan of Arc is, of course, the real-life historical figure and Patron Saint of France, who is heralded for bravery in the 100 years war against England.

And the thing that makes her story amazing is that she's a girl.

But in today's woke world, if you're a woman who does things women don't normally do you are no longer a woman.

That's the entire premise of this play "I, Joan" being put on at the famous Globe Theater.

This has reached levels of wokeness and erasure of women the likes of which have rarely been seen before.

If a woman does something that isn't stereotypically womanly, our society declares them to be no longer women.

What ever happened to the "women can do anything" feminism? It's been swallowed up with, "if you're a woman who goes to war that's pretty masculine, so you're really more gender nonconforming and not a real woman."

This is insanity.

And the ratio to this tweet highlights the insanity.

Embarrassing, ridiculous, insulting.

The woke continue their march to destroy absolutely everything.

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