A homeless Portland woman broke into the house of a special-needs child, slept in the child's bed, assaulted the mother...and city officials dropped all charges against her and let her out on $0 bail
· Sep 18, 2022 · NottheBee.com

It really can't be overstated at this point: Liberal cities around the country are in really, really, really bad shape.

Kelsey Smith, from Northeast Portland, first knew something was amiss when she heard her dogs barking in a bedroom and went to investigate. She initially thought her husband was playing a prank on her, but within moments quickly realized someone had broken into her home to hide out.

After backing out of the room and calling for help, Smith was bum rushed by the intruder, who had picked up an ottoman and threw it at her before leaving the home.

She's not kidding: She was legit assaulted by this woman.

The cameras in the room had been set up to monitor Mrs. Smith's son, who is disabled.

But don't worry, Portland authorities went ahead and let a violent, dangerous criminal back on the streets right away:

Police later identified the culprit as Lynn Zinser, 54, who was arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office jail on charges of burglary and harassment. But, no sooner than she had been arrested, her charges were dropped and she was free to walk the streets of the famously liberal town once again.

Zinser's bail was set at a baffling $0 with the District Attorney's Office said to be gathering more evidence before they move forward with any further charges against her.

So a violent woman breaks into the home of a family with a special-needs child, sleeps in the child's bed, assaults the mother...and she's just allowed to walk free that day?

The moral of the story: Don't move to Portland. And if you live there, get out.

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