The Institute of Physics just hired a "proud pansexual transwoman" to be its "Inclusion and Diversity Representative"
· Nov 8, 2023 ·

Why do you think the Institute of Physics stopped people from commenting on this post?

From that press release:

Dr Barker is a Daphne Jackson Trust Fellow at the University of Oxford's Centre for Applied Superconductivity and the Dean for Equality and Diversity at Linacre College. She [sic] received the Points of Light award from the Prime Minister's Office in 2017 for her [sic] LGBT+ awareness work, and in 2018 won the Individual Champion/Role Model award in Oxford university's Vice-Chancellor's Diversity Awards.

The Institute of Physics is a British scientific society founded in 1874 for the study of the laws that govern the natural world. It decided it would hire a qualified, doctorate-level Oxford fellow who serves as dean of an Oxford school named after the 15th-century founder of the Royal College of Physicians and has been honored by the British prime minister.

In the past, before clown world, this wouldn't have been a news story.

But in 2023, where men are now women, that prestigious hire based on a mountain of credentialism gives us this:

And yes, Barker calls himself a "a proud pansexual transwoman."

In short, we have a clown in makeup in a leadership role at one of the world's most eminent scientific institutions - a clown who sees all of reality (and certainly the laws that govern it) through his sexual fetishes. The dolts in the UK expect the rest of us to believe that a man who thinks men can be women is a sane choice to lead us in the exploration of the natural world.

As to this man's role as "Inclusion and Diversity Representative":

The role was created to provide advice and challenge to the IOP's governing Council, and the IOP more widely, on inclusion and diversity issues. The Representative attends up to two Council meetings a year and chairs the Inclusion and Diversity Committee.

Do you think Barker fulfills the mandate of this role? Truly?

Barker said:

I look forward to working with various different groups who share a passion for physics but feel they cannot achieve their maximum potential. If we can work towards a more inclusive and welcoming physics environment, then the real winner is physics itself.

How is physics the winner?

The laws of thermodynamics don't care if they're being studied by a neurodivergent queer woman of color. Avogadro's number doesn't change based on how gay scientists are. Bernoulli's theorem on fluid dynamics doesn't variate with one's gender fluidity. Archimedes's principle on buoyancy won't change no matter how many transgender scientists they fit into the boat.

But therein lies the reason this "diversity" position exists.

  • They say it's about inclusion and helping people who feel like they don't belong, but niceness is the mechanism that will bring civilization to its knees.
  • This isn't about tolerance. It's about implementing a new reality. It's about cementing clown world as the ultimate guiding light in the universe.

All those laws of physics I just mentioned were discovered by stuffy old white men - most of them believers in objective truth, a Creator who ordered the world, and rational deduction based on fixed principles that can be observed.

Marxism says that such homogeny is bad. You can't just have a bunch of scientists who believe up is up determining the laws of the universe! Oh no. Civilization and the scientific knowledge underpinning it requires us to have "experts" who will tell us that up is actually down, or maybe sideways, or that up is actually an antiquated concept held by bigoted cavemen.

(You wouldn't want to be a bigoted caveman, would you?)

Modern sex-and-ethnicity-based Marxism teaches that a society must "diversify" in every conceivable category. But only in certain categories, mind you. Men can be women (but whites can't be black). We must return native land (except in Europe or Israel). There must be democracy at all costs (except if the people who disagree with them are in the majority).

In order to sustain the mammoth levels of cognitive dissonance required to keep clown world running, these fizzle-brained Marxists must dominate the most important institutions - the government, the church, and the sciences, not to mention the family itself - in order to keep the Ponzi scheme one step ahead of collapse.

Of course, while they stuff said institutions full of "diversity," the knowledge and expertise it takes to run a finely-tuned modern world based on objective, concrete laws will erode.

When it does, it's the Dark Ages for us.

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