The 800-yard swim relay at the Ivy League Women’s Championship was utterly dominated by two transgender athletes and it wasn't even close
· Feb 17, 2022 ·

Who could have seen this coming?

On Wednesday night, at the Ivy League Women's Championship, the two fastest times posted in the 800-yard freestyle relay were swam by a biological male identifying as a woman and a biological female identifying as a male.

Lia Thomas, formerly known as Will Thomas, who swims for the University of Pennsylvania women's team, swam the first leg of the race in 1:44:50, while Iszac Henig, the biological female who identifies as a male and swims for Yale University, swam the leg in 1:44:65, The Daily Mail reported.

Although the two athletes crushed the time and their opponents, Harvard's team won the overall relay.

Look at the Daily Mail's truly clown-world caption on this photo:

...Currently the fastest woman

What a time to be alive!

Thomas in particular has been in the news a bunch recently, which is why one of his teammates accused him of conspiring with Henig (who is a woman now pretending to be a man) to purposely lose, so that people with a grasp on reality would stop saying evil things like "men have more muscles than women."

Thomas competed in the men's team for three years of his college career, placing #462 overall. Now, he claims to be a woman and is ranked #1. He also says he's still attracted to women, but I'm sure he doesn't get his kicks walking around naked in the locker room around athletic young women as they change.

His teammates have also expressed their frustrations at being ogled at and trounced by a delusional man:

But since he's being allowed to compete in the NCAA championships next month, I guess women's safety and feelings (or reality) don't matter anymore!

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