The Left’s ongoing culture war is starting to meet an emboldened resistance

I try not to get annoyed at the state of political discourse in the country no matter how frustrating it can so often be. In my heart I know that this is the way of the world, that worldly operators prefer darkness over light, and that truth is hatred to those who hate the truth. But I do have a human nature, and the silliness and aggravation too often pulls me into the very mud I know that Christ has liberated me from wallowing in.

One example is how torqued I get by the fact that media and pop culture exclusively applies the "culture warrior" label to conservative and/or Christian activists.

Progressives attacked the inalienable right to life, protected by the 5th and 14th Amendments, by pushing for laws that permit feticide. They were the culture warriors.

Progressives attacked the traditional, historic, and cross-cultural boundaries for the institution of marriage by pushing for legal affirmation for man/man and woman/woman unions. They were the culture warriors.

Progressives attacked the biological, physiological, and genetic reality of sex distinctions, inventing a bucket-full of supposedly new genders and demanding universal fealty to their made-up categories and words. They were the culture warriors.

And further examples abound. I mean, this doesn't exactly scream, "Just leave us alone to the privacy of our own bedrooms:"

Now, it is certainly true that a significant number of God-fearing and science-advocating people have risen up to resist these culture warriors. If the fact that they have offered up a defense of the rationality and wisdom of our original cultural framework makes them "warriors," so be it. But there has never been and there still is not any doubt as to the identity of the aggressors in this war.

But as the Right's coalition of individuals, parents, and even young people opposed to the progressive agenda has grown exponentially in recent days, brace for a new round of media moaning over conservative and Christian culture warriors. What will be particularly delicious about their angst is that the right has gotten shrewd. They are using the Left's own tactics and strategies against them.

Take what just happened at Google. Yes, that Google. The one that will change their homepage to honor the Hindu festival of Holi or the British celebration of scallions on St. David's Day, but Easter and the nearly 3 billion people on earth that celebrate it have gotten nothing for 18 straight years now. It seems that the far-left tech giant was planning to conclude their "amazing month" of gay pride celebrations with a "Pride and Drag Show" that featured a sacrilegious performer named "Peaches Christ."

Company spokesman Chris Pappas commented on the plans explaining, "We've long been very proud to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community. Our Pride celebrations have regularly featured drag artists for many years, including several this year."

But now it's been canceled. And why? Hundreds of Christian employees took a page out of the left's playbook and complained. They drew up petitions and confronted Google with accusations of religious discrimination, and the promotion of vile, provocative, and inflammatory workplace conduct.

Or how about what just happened with the Major League Baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Bowing to the whims of the left's LGBTetc movement, the Dodgers honored a group of men pretending to be women who specialize in mocking Jesus. Christians organized and, taking a page out of the Left's playbook organized a peaceful protest that shut down traffic and inconvenienced thousands.

The Dodgers lost that night - not just against their opponents on the field, but in the realm of public relations.

Of course, when it comes to public relations disasters, notice what has happened to major corporations that funnel millions into the promotion of left-wing culture war causes.

That has occurred because perhaps for the first time, conservatives and Christians took a page from the Left's playbook and boycotted vocally, financially, thoroughly, and completely.

Now, don't get me wrong. The culture warriors are emboldened and angry. They are slavishly devoted to their ideology and have every intent to continue launching broadsides against society's most sacred traditions and beneficial beliefs.

But I have to admit that it seems like a new day has dawned. One where the Right says, "you picked the fight, so if it's a culture war you want, that's what you're gonna get."

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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