The Lincoln Project is in complete and utter shambles. Good.

Feb 13th

The Lincoln Project is and always has been nothing but a grift. A money grab. A bunch of cant-hack-it dweebs trying to get rich because they couldn't make it in real politics. So they weaponized hatred for Donald Trump, raised tens of millions of dollars promising to be the "conscience of the GOP," then paid some interns a few bucks to make b-team memes criticizing conservatives.

But it's even worse than that.

All along, LP co-founder and confirmed mega-perv John Weaver was using his influence and promises of money and career advancement to sexually prey on young men. Ah yes, the conscience of the GOP, luring young men (minors, some!!!) into his bed!

This dude Ryan Girdusky said this on Laura Ingraham's show:

This was the biggest open secret in Washington, D.C. The Lincoln Project was used for two purposes — a grift to make money and as a predatory running organization for John Weaver to get young men into bed. I mean, what you've seen in the media is nothing compared to what the messages I have are. And I'm not out to embarrass somebody.

But they are descriptive; they are disgusting. I have 30 young men, another writer had over 50. It's probably over 100 young men in a five-year period. Bill Cosby would blush at the actions of John Weaver. It was the biggest open secret in Washington, D.C. Liberals I spoke to about the project I was working knew about John Weaver. And the media ran cover for John Weaver and for the Lincoln Project.

Why would the media run cover for John Weaver and the Lincoln Project? Because they are both out to destroy conservatism, that's why.

Oh you thought LP was only out to destroy Trump? No. With Trump gone, they announced that they would turn their cannons on Ted Cruz.

Speaking of liberal media (which is now past the point of being able to run defense for LP), Axios offers this summary of some recent occurrences along with the news that co-founder Steve Schmidt is now resigning:

Schmidt's resignation comes amid a wave of damaging stories for the Lincoln Project.

  • The New York Times reported last month on allegations from 21 men that Weaver sent them unsolicited and sexually charged messages. One was 14 years old at the time, according to the report.
  • Multiple people have reportedly been contacted by federal law enforcement regarding the alleged conduct. The Lincoln Project said it has hired an external law firm to conduct an investigation into the matter.
  • The AP reported that the majority of the $90 million that the Lincoln Project has raised was paid to consulting firms tied to the group's founders and senior staff.
  • On Thursday, the group's official Twitter account tweeted screenshots of messages between a former senior staffer and a reporter writing a story on the group. Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway suggested the disclosures may have been illegal.

That series of controversies led to a number of resignations from the group this week.

  • Lincoln Project spokesperson Kurt Bardella confirmed to Axios that he also resigned from the group Friday.
  • Nayyera Haq, who signed on to host a video series for the group this week, also resigned on Friday.
  • Columnist Tom Nichols said on Friday he was "stepping down as an unpaid advisor."

Schmidt, who weepily denounced Weaver and swore he never knew anything about his sexual predation and that he was completely and utterly disgusted about the revelations ... yeah, that was a lie. He knew about it:

And the pervert pedo clown Weaver? Of course, he's married with two children.

And the $90M they raised ... where did it all go?

On Thursday, the Associated Press reported that more than half of the organization's funding had been directed to consulting firms that had been controlled by Lincoln Project officials — a massive sum that fed accusations that leaders had enriched themselves. The crisis intensified later in the day, when the Lincoln Project's Twitter feed posted screenshots of private online messages between Horn and Amanda Becker, a reporter for 19th News who had been working on a story about the organization's work culture.

The Lincoln Project is and always has been an evil, exploitative organization, and it is now dying a violent, public death.



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