The Navajo Nation still does not allow gay marriage and I'll give you one guess who WaPo is trying to blame
· Oct 24, 2023 ·

The Navajo Nation does not now, nor have they ever, allowed or recognized gay marriage within their tribe.

WaPo thinks they have discovered why:

Yes, the Navajo have their religious and cultural traditions, but they would have allowed gay marriage at this point if only those pesky colonizers left them alone!

Indigenous scholars say it (lifting the gay marriage ban) also would honor Navajo tradition, which recognized multiple genders and sexualities that were suppressed and stigmatized after Europeans arrived.

Some "scholars" are really out here saying that the Navajo Indians were a pro-LGBT, gender-diverse, rainbow warrior tribe until the white man came along and forced them to reject their traditions.

Of course, those same colonizers have effectively destroyed marriage and the family because they couldn't even protect their own culture from destruction by the LGBT community. But somehow we're supposed to believe that a hundreds of years old "stigma" is strong enough to keep the Navajo tribe's "tradition" of LGBT pride down.

Donna Nez, who pastors the Hard Rock Community Church in northwest Arizona, also opposes the bill. She said she worries it will weaken families and does not believe Navajo, or Diné, tradition approved of same-sex relationships.

"If it was our tribal way, Diné way, I didn't know about it," said Nez, 56, whose surname is common among Navajos. Her great-grandparents and grandparents "were all medicine men and medicine women, and I never heard of them say there's a man and a man to be married and a woman and a woman to be married."

Wokies say Native Americans have a tradition of being "two-spirited," meaning they think they are a man AND a woman. So, naturally, this woke theory of five minutes ago overrides all of the traditions of the Navajo Nation going back centuries.

We've always been at war with Eastasia and the Navajo have always been gay!

It sounds like the wokies are the real colonizers.

Written public comments on the bill are lopsided toward opposition, with some arguing that Navajo leaders should focus on improving roads and education and others decrying homosexuality as a lifestyle choice or "the White men's way."

Sad! Not Good!

The wokies have to be mad at that!


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