The NCAA is celebrating the first female "non-kicker" to get football playing time ... watch what she did during her single play
Β· Sep 25, 2023 Β·

Before you all get mad at me for attacking this young lady, let me get this out of the way: Yes, she's better than me. No, I couldn't make a D3 practice squad.

BUT, let me also be clear: This whole spectacle is a joke.

The NCAA is celebrating Haley Van Voorhis because she's the first female to play a snap in a college football game (Shenandoah, Division III) who isn't a kicker.

Van Voorhis came in late in the game as a safety and recorded a "QB hurry."

Haley, girl, you were unabated to the QB! You gotta get those hands up and bat the ball down there! You were too slow for the sack!

Haley came in when her team was up 26 points in the first quarter - she rushed the QB completely unblocked (because who's gonna hit a girl, right?) - and recorded a QB hurry that, in the NFL, would have been called roughing the passer.

I'm not going to argue that it's a late hit or roughing the passer, because I ain't soft. But if that was Tom Brady she'd have been thrown out of the game.

Just sayin'.

But good for her, I guess. Women have finally made it!

...Made it to the least consequential play in the least consequential football game so that woke ESPN and the woke NCAA could brag that there's no difference between men and women.

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