Trump toured Palmetto State Armory and decided it was GLOCK O'CLOCK, then talked about pistol braces. Check out the reactions. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Β· Sep 25, 2023 Β·

Just a buncha guys being dudes:

Trump took a tour of Palmetto State Armory - yes, the company that wants to arm AS MANY AMERICANS AS POSSIBLE WITH AS MANY ARs and AKs AS POSSIBLE.

[Cue leftist shrieks]

And apparently, Trump found himself a new Glock.

Some people are reporting that he bought the hand cannon (not sure if it was a G19 or what - someone said it was a .45, which is boss - but I love that custom threaded barrel and finish).

My only gripe? Why are you flagging everyone including President Trump, with that gun?? ALWAYS TREAT A FIREARM AS IF IT IS LOADED, LADS AND LASSES.

More important than the photo op was this clip where Trump promised to overturn the ATF pistol brace rule that has made tens of millions of Americans felons for the piece of plastic that helps them stabilize guns with shorter barrels (the government doesn't want you to be able to shoulder a gun for accuracy unless it's big and bulky and hard to wield).

The reactions to Trump's rumored purchase (although he only said he "wanted" to buy one) are great:

You gotta love it! It's Glock O'Clock, boys!

The only question now: When does he get indicted for practicing his 2nd Amendment rights?

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