The New Star Trek Show Totally Used January 6th As The Imaginary Trigger Point For World War 3
ยท May 9, 2022 ยท

How far to the left is Hollyweird?

Well, the new Star Trek series is seriously trying to hype up January 6 as if that's still a huge thing that people care about.

In their show, they play a flashback to earth and what caused a nuclear holocaust on the planet, and wouldn't you guess it would all trace back to January 6th.

Newsflash: no one cares anymore.

Yes... The most horrifying thing these Hollywood screenwriters can think of is that people protested the 2020 election. They showed images of people holding "audit the vote" signs and gathering in front of the White House.

And this is how the new civil war and eventually WW3 began. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

There's a great irony here: The entire left simultaneously thinks that Trump questioning 2020 is the worst thing to ever happen in the history of the world AND they use the same show to prop up famed election denier Stacey Abrams as president of the world.

Questioning election results will start World War 3! Anyways, can Stacey Abrams get away from her gubernatorial duties long enough to shoot an episode of Star Trek?

Hollywoke has no clue what regular Americans think about politics. No one cares about January 6th outside of their elite leftist bubble.

In fact, they don't have a handle on reality itself. You have a hundred things happening in the world right now that could trigger a new world war โ€“ China invading Taiwan, Russia deciding to fire off some nukes, Iran getting nukes and turning them on Israel, continued Islamic terrorism around the world (have any of these lefties looked at Nigeria lately?), Taliban fighters using the billions in high-tech weapons Joe Biden left them for next-level 9/11 attacks, and massive food insecurities due to lockdowns and climate policy and impending recession (the fastest route to war is arguably when the baby formula and bacon runs out).

But the woke lefties think some people breaking into a government building and putting their feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk is the end of days!!

Anyway, everyone knows that if any singular event leads to World War 3 and the end of civilization it's the death of Harambe!!

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