The New York Times legitimately wants your kids to log onto a sexuality-themed chatroom and "make new friends"
· Jun 6, 2023 ·

You know, we keep fooling ourselves into thinking the current grooming zeitgeist can't sink any lower than it already has. But then a mainstream legacy media institution like the New York Times goes and does something like this:

That's not a joke: The paper honestly, legitimately, 100% wants your young children to get online and talk to strangers in a sexuality-themed Internet chatroom, urging them to to do so in a special "kid's section" of the paper.

"VISIT: Q Chat Space [address redacted]. If you're 13 or older and looking for people who just get it, try Q Chat Space. It's a safe, monitored online space for L.G.B.T.Q. (and curious) teenagers to talk with each other. A team of trained adults makes sure all conversations are comfortable and appropriate — so you can relax and make new friends."

Yes. This is the New York Times. Telling your kids to get online and discuss intimate sexual matters with a bunch of strangers — including, apparently. "trained adults." (What kind of "training" do these "adults" receive, anyway? What does that even mean?)

It's a bizarre, frightening time to be alive. Just a few short years ago, for instance, journalist Chris Hansen was busting Internet child predators in humiliating fashion on network television, after which they'd be arrested and thrown in the clink.

Now the New York Times is practically laying out the welcome mat for every online predator in the country.

And as Amber Athey points out at the Spectator, parents are specifically ordered to not read this part of the newspaper:

Each kids section bears a cheeky editor's note that says, "This section should not be read by grown-ups."

I'll tell you what we've got here, folks: We've got a groomer alert. Someone hit the Groomer Alarm.

Protect your kids. Our mainstream media is trying to victimize them.

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