The New Yorker wrote an article arguing we should wear masks forever and noted you're a racist if you disagree 🤣🤡
· Dec 29, 2022 ·

Take a look at this new installment of clown world:

Hey New Yorker: A bunch of us never wore masks!


The article focuses on a woke professor and The New Yorker wants you to know you should listen to her because she's black. No joke!

Thompson Fullilove, a professor of urban policy and health at the New School, was livid.

Fullilove, who is Black, has spent her career studying epidemics...

If you're woke, that's a signal that you are to bow before the Almighty Melanin Pigmentation. You cannot criticize this woman now! 😂

Fullilove believed the CDC wasn't doing enough to increase the fear. There needed to be more fear, so she helped start the "People's CDC," which I'm sure Mao Zedong would have loved.

The organization is part of a much broader ecosystem of left-wing public-health groups that advocate more persistent mitigations

Translation: They want the government to do more to restrict your liberties because you disgusting little people can't be trusted with freedom!

"There's a second story of the pandemic happening, which is not about ‘It's time to go back to normal,' " Gregg Gonsalves, a Yale epidemiologist and activist, told me. "Normal for whom, and who's getting left behind?"

Well, Gregg, I hate to say it, but paranoid delusional peeps like you are the ones getting left behind. My family and I have been going out to eat, taking vacations, hanging out with friends, and celebrating holidays with nary a thought concerning Covid since summer 2020.

And then there are masks. The People's C.D.C. strongly supports mask mandates, and they have called on federal, state, and local governments to put them back in place, arguing that "the vaccine-only strategy promoted by the CDC is insufficient."

There it is, buried paragraphs into the story.

Are you ready for the next line? I bet you can guess what they're going to say (hint: white people are evil).

The group has noted that resistance to masks is most common among white people: Lucky Tran, who organizes the coalition's media team, recently tweeted a YouGov survey supporting this, and wrote that "a lot of anti-mask sentiment is deeply embedded in white supremacy."


These cultists will say anything to justify their weird obsessions.

As soon as you make the white supremacy connection, your argument is dead.

I think I'll go tell my wife that we let our kids play with other kids without masks because we're actually white supremacists. The Ethiopian family that lives down the street and hangs out with us might like to know they're living next to rabid racists who like fresh air!

For a brief moment, New Yorker writer Emma starts realizing this group might not exactly be composed of sane individuals.

All the talk about empire-building and capital accumulation — a key component of Marxist economic theory — made me wonder whether "the people" in the People's C.D.C. are those people. When I asked Wallace this on Zoom, he gruffly denied that the members are all communists.

They're not all communists. 💀

I just love it. These bunch of Marxists dopes are getting a short novel written about their desire to cover people's faces in public and their only defense is that they aren't all communists.

America is heading into its third covid winter, this time paired with high rates of flu and RSV. Mayor Eric Adams just urged New Yorkers to put their masks back on. People are tired of it all. But the People's C.D.C. members do not feel deterred. "The reality is, I feel so hopeful," Thill said. Testing, masking, moving events outdoors — "if we do these things, it's not a slog," she added. "It's uplifting. It's a demonstration of care and solidarity and love."

So yeah... when you have a group of people that are obsessed with some weird uniform or behavior (and making you comply with that obsession), then call their enforcement of their abnormal obsession "uplifting" and use terms like "solidarity and love," it's a cult.

If you are a Covid culter and somehow broke out of your online bubble to come across this article, please realize that the majority of people stopped wearing masks the second it was possible (and some of us just openly refused). Life has been back to normal for most people on this planet for nearly two years.

It's up to you to decide if we're all evil minions who experience unfettered glee at the thought of killing grandmas with our exhalation, or if we're normal people who love our families and have weighed the scientific data on masks against the massive psychosocial ramifications of hiding our faces in fear for years on end.

Our CEO said it best:

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