TIME Magazine tries to top The Babylon Bee by arguing the "white supremacist origins of exercise." The ratio on this one is glorious, my friends.
· Dec 29, 2022 · NottheBee.com

I didn't know TIME did satire!!

Exercise has its roots in white supremacy.


They are REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel, aren't they?

It was super interesting reading the reflections of fitness enthusiasts in the early 20th century. They said we should get rid of corsets, corsets are an assault on women's form, and that women should be lifting weights and gaining strength. At first, you feel like this is so progressive.

Then you keep reading, and they're saying white women should start building up their strength because we need more white babies. They're writing during an incredible amount of immigration, soon after enslaved people have been emancipated. This is totally part of a white supremacy project. So that was a real "holy crap" moment as a historian, where deep archival research really reveals the contradictions of this moment.

The author doesn't cite where she read this "white supremacist" origin.

It honestly seems like this "historian" read one white supremacist booklet that talked about exercise and extrapolated that into the idea that exercising was a white supremacist practice.

Thank goodness, the internet remains undefeated. This ridiculous article was ratioed to the moon.

Watch out, Babylon Bee! The mainstream media is becoming your main competitor!!

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