The Sims released an update with non-binary and trans teens, complete with chest-binding and mastectomy scars. This game is made for kids aged 12.
· Feb 1, 2023 ·

The Sims, one of the oldest and most well-known computer game franchises has a new update out and to say it has gone "woke" would be a tremendous understatement.

[Warning: Disturbing Content]

Here's how the left-wing website Mashable covers this story:

The Sims 4 has released a free update that adds top surgery scars, binders and shapewear, and medical wearables to the base game. It's a great step forward for the game's inclusivity that has disabled and transgender fans rejoicing.

Added in today's new patch, The Sims 4's Create a Sim character creator now offers a Top Surgery Scar, found in the Body category's new Body Scars subcategory. Players can add the Top Surgery Scar to any male Sims aged Teen or older, regardless of if their base body model is masculine or feminine. Top surgery scars indicate the person has undergone surgery to remove their breasts.

Oh, so inclusive!

A game rated for kids lets you modify characters to mutilate them in the game the same way teens and kids are mutilated in real life!

This is grooming.

Gender-affirming clothing items have also been added to The Sims 4 for the first time. The game's new Binder can be found in Create a Sims' Tops category, sub categorised under Tanks, while Shapewear is categorised as Underwear in the Bottoms section. These clothing options are often used by transgender and non-binary people to help them alleviate gender dysphoria.

These are significant additions to The Sims 4. The game's character creation has allowed players to mix and match masculine and feminine traits regardless of gender since 2016, and updates last year enabled them to choose Sims' sexual orientations and pronouns. However, today's update is the first time Create a Sim has included such overt and unequivocal physical indicators of trans identities on characters' bodies.

THIS is progress?

The Sims are pushing political and sexual agendas on children in the name of "inclusion."

It's normalizing mental illness and evil.


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