The North Face offers 20% off to customers who complete a digital course in racial inclusion
ยท Mar 4, 2024 ยท

Did you know that having access to the outdoors is a form of white privilege?

Well, if you took this "digital course in racial inclusion" from The North Face, you'd not only have learned about this privilege, you'd have earned a full 20% off your next order.

Yes, ladies and gents, The North Face, of all things, is giving us a 20% discount after completing this racial inclusion course that they've apparently made themselves because they're anti-racists now.

Here's what the test looks like if you're strong enough to make it a third of the way through:

I didn't get far in the course, but here's what I saw in the intro:

This 1-hour digital course is designed to foster a deeper understanding of the unique challenges that people of colour face when accessing the outdoors. The course focuses on perspective of race and racism in Europe, and we acknowledge that the experiences of people of colour around the globe differs. It will also provide training and resources, through 4 interactive modules, to help you be a better ally and to make the outdoors a safer and more welcoming place for everyone.


Is that really worth 20% off? I mean, I guess they do have some pretty expensive products.

Here's where I had to stop (the first page)

They kept telling me that black people don't get outdoors enough, and that only a small percentage of people "out on the trails" are of color. Racial inequality, they asserted, was the reason for this; but the black people I know aren't really much for the whole outdoors thing โ€” with the bugs and the cougars and all that jazz โ€” so I always figured that was just a preference

Well, if the outdoors is racist I figured I better not buy anything at all from The North Face since most of their items are meant for the outdoors, so I quit the course.

This promo is obviously a trick to get us all buying racist outdoor gear, so I just sent an email to all my black friends letting them know about the scam and to boycott The North Face, which sells a product that is inherently racist.

My dear reader, I hope you will also join me in the boycott.

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