Watch the rainbow brigade try to prove you can actually change your biological sex because their only way forward is through more delusion
· Dec 30, 2022 ·

We've gone from "gender and sex are two different things" and "your sex doesn't determine your gender" to THIS in just a few short years:

[Warning: Sexual Language]

This lady wants you to believe that, through hormone therapy, she has grown a penis AND if men take estrogen they can grow functional breasts.

Hormones will obviously change your physical appearance and your secondary sex characteristics. But it doesn't actually change your sex.

As Ryan Anderson has documented:

We've seen some of the evidence that sex reassignment doesn't produce good outcomes psychosocially. And as McHugh suggested above, part of the reason why is because sex change is impossible and "it proves not easy nor wise to live in a counterfeit sexual garb."

But what is the basis for the conclusion that sex change is impossible?

Contrary to the claims of activists, sex isn't "assigned" at birth — and that's why it can't be "reassigned." As I explain in "When Harry Became Sally," sex is a bodily reality that can be recognized well before birth with ultrasound imaging. The sex of an organism is defined and identified by the way in which it (he or she) is organized for sexual reproduction.

This is just one manifestation of the fact that natural organization is "the defining feature of an organism," as neuroscientist Maureen Condic and her philosopher brother Samuel Condic explain. In organisms, "the various parts … are organized to cooperatively interact for the welfare of the entity as a whole. Organisms can exist at various levels, from microscopic single cells to sperm whales weighing many tons, yet they are all characterized by the integrated function of parts for the sake of the whole."

Sex is something that is determined at the moment of conception. Every one of your seven trillion cells bears the chromosome XX or XY to define that reality.

You can use technology to create a phallus from skin or trick a man's body into lactating with heavy doses of estrogen, but it is, by definition, abnormal. Just ask the women in their 30s who now have severe osteoporosis because they were told they could be a man if they got injected with testosterone.

The trans cult can't acknowledge any of this or their whole religion unravels. Their only hope is to triple down on insanity and hope they can drag you with them!

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