The real estate market is so insane that someone in Illinois pulled down $700k for a house that's straight out of the '80s
ยท Apr 18, 2022 ยท

We often look back at fashion trends from earlier decades and ask, "What were they thinking?"

One house in a tiny suburb outside Chicago, meanwhile, hasn't changed its thinking for the past 30 years. And the homeowners still made a ton of bank on it!

A brick exterior leads into a glassy interior. The listing images of the kitchen show mirrors covering the two-door refrigerator, the full-size dishwasher, the paneling surrounding the microwave and oven, as well as the cabinet doors. Elsewhere, mirrors fill walls of bedrooms โ€” including in the bedroom whose bed has a mirrored frame, and another whose ceiling was dressed with rolls of fabric in a wave pattern. There are even glass panels along the walls of a basement-level recreation room and those of bathrooms, including one whose mirrors are colored gold.

"You don't see much of the '80s style anymore," said Di Valerio. "And you most certainly don't see an entire home that looks like it was in a time capsule for [decades], like this one was."

Yeah, you know why "you don't see much of the '80s style anymore?" Because it's not the 80s anymore! But I guess these folks didn't really care. Take a look at the master bath:

What is that, a solid-gold ballerina to hold your hand towel? Who lives like that? What's with all the mirrors?? Does anyone really want to see themselves from every angle when they're in there?

Emerging exhausted from your trip to the mirrorland bathroom, you can recline in decadent splendor in the master bedroom:

What is that ceiling? Who thought of that? Who came up with that idea? That looks less like a ceiling and more like the tesseract from the end of Interstellar:

I mean, right?

I gotta say, though, the disorienting house might be kinda worth it when you see the game room:

That's a pretty sick spot. "Taxi" is a great pinball game, and unless I'm mistaken that's an old CEI/CalOmega poker game in the corner there. That stuff better convey!

Anyway I'm sure the new homeowners will have a lot of fun inviting their friends over and seeing their reactions!

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