The University of Kansas offers a class called "Angry White Male Studies"

Jan 27th

As a white male who occasionally gets angry, I'm, like, super offended by this:

Okay, I'm actually not offended, but I figured I'd give the whole college snowflake thing a shot. I guess it's not really my style, but at least I tried!

Anyhow, this class, Angry White Male Studies, has been around since 2019 at the University of Kansas. And I'm not really surprised at all that this is a course at one of our prestigious American universities—which is kind of sad when you think about it.

Here's a description of the class via KU's website:

This course charts the rise of the "angry white male" in America and Britain since the 1950s, exploring the deeper sources of this emotional state while evaluating recent manifestations of male anger. Employing interdisciplinary perspectives this course examines how both dominant and subordinate masculinities are represented and experienced in cultures undergoing periods of rapid change connected to modernity as well as to rights-based movements of women, people of color, homosexuals and trans individuals.

So yeah, apparently when you start a cultural/sexual revolution in the greatest country on earth, people get mad and fight back.

And the logical thing to do if you're part of that cultural revolution is call the pushback "angry white males," and paint the white guys as the problem, not yourselves and your filthy values.

Oh, and don't forget, other races besides white folk can be considered white simply because of their beliefs. Just ask Ibram Kendi. Simply not being white doesn't get you out of trouble here.

To be honest though, I bet this course would be very interesting to sit in on. You'd gain insight to where these folks are going with their little revolution; you'd have a leg up in the culture war; and hey, it is possible that you'd learn something about angry white males.

Look, here's just one insightful video I totally found in the course curriculum which demonstrates the anger of the white (leftist) male. This dude is really unhinged!

Huge thanks to Libs of Tik Tok for pointing this course out on Twitter.


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