The U.S. Navy won't let a $2 billion warship out of port because her commander won't get the Fauci ouchie

Mar 10th

You know what the U.S. Navy used to do?

Blow things up at full speed.

You know what the U.S. Navy does now?

Ground a warship when a commanding officer won't get a shot for a virus that's barely lethal to anyone anymore and for which said officer already has natural immunity.

The bureaucrats are ruining our military.

Navy Times reported on Tuesday that there is currently a "stand-off" between the U.S. Navy and the commanding officer of a destroyer warship that cost nearly $2 billion to make because the commander in question has refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Navy would like to fire him for not following orders and having lost their "confidence" in his ability to lead the ship and crew. The Navy believes he is unfit to command for not receiving the COVID-19 jab, and as a result, could cause a national emergency because they would not feel secure sending the ship out to sea with him in command.

He's unfit for not receiving an experimental vaccine that had tens of thousands of reported reactions for just December 2020 through February 2021, as detailed in this court-ordered report from Pfizer?

Or is he unfit for not receiving a vaccine for a virus he already beat naturally?

I'm confused.

Bureaucratic stupidity like this is why the British lost the colonies. Prove me wrong!

The Navy would just as soon fire a qualified commander and replace him with a toad who will blindly do whatever stupid thing he's ordered.

A judge ruled, however, that the Navy cannot fire sailors who are part of a class-action lawsuit against the military on religious grounds.

However, the unnamed Navy commander "was part of a class-action lawsuit in October with several other service members challenging the military's COVID-19 vaccine mandate on religious grounds," The National Review added as background.

In response to that lawsuit, Federal Judge Steven Merryday of U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida ruled in February that while that lawsuit is going on, the Navy and Marines cannot take any punitive action against members of those units who have refused the COVID-19 vaccine — despite orders.

In other words, the Navy cannot penalize a man for seeking judicial relief from an unconstitutional order.

This CO, by the way, has been in the Navy since 2004 without a single blot on his record, much like the other honorable men our woke military is canning these days.

Just for kicks and giggles, it's also worth noting that no Navy ship full of young, healthy crew was ever at risk from the Wu Flu:

...[T]he Times noted that the plaintiff's attorneys argued that "the ship was underway for more than 300 days during the 400 pandemic days when no vaccine was available" and there was no "no operational impediment."

"If there is injury to the Navy from shutting down the Commander's ship, it is self-inflicted and intentional," the filing added.

Hopefully Russia, China, North Korea, and/or Iran don't do anything stupid(er) in the next few months...

...Otherwise, the incompetent Pentagon might pin the failure of America's fleets on a dude who didn't get the jab!

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