The Washington Post wants you to know that we still have some white supremacist flags we need to get rid of
· Sep 12, 2023 ·

You guys, this is very serious stuff from The Amazon Post so pay attention. It turns out when we took down all those confederate flags and statues a few years back we didn't go far enough. It's time to start getting rid of state flags now.

No, really.

Man, since when did every single writer for the big corporate newspapers become a blue-haired Karen? It's a trend I don't see slowing anytime soon. Anyhow, let's read. First, we are introduced to Jason Patterson.

Patterson, a 38-year-old Black man whose art focuses on African American history, is a self-professed "flag nerd" (more formally, a "vexillophile"), and his obsession with flags has taught him something few Americans realize: A number of state flags still commemorate — in ways both obvious and oblique — the bloody attempt to create a permanent slave society.

Love how our author went out and found a black guy and capitalized "black." That's important. But let's see how these flags (which are still in use) commemorate "the bloody attempt to create a permanent slave society."

Not every flag with similarities to the Confederate battle flag has a definitive historical connection to secession or slavery. Three state flags — for Alabama, Florida and Tennessee — contain elements reminiscent of the battle flag and were adopted during the Jim Crow era but otherwise lack historical proof of an intentional link.

But seven state flags, including Maryland's, have documented links to the Confederacy and white supremacy. Here they are, ranked from least to most obvious.

Oh, now you've got my attention. Seven of the flags have links to the Confederacy and white supremacy. Wow, I had no idea we were still living in such a way.

Let's start with the bluest state of them all:


First they look at California, which is racist because racist white people created the design and then flew it. Crazy, right?


Next, we have Virginia's flag, which is rooted in white supremacy because of its "Sic Semper Tyrannis" ("Thus always to tyrants") motto. They were essentially calling out Lincoln as a tyrant, which is 100% white supremacy to the core.

North Carolina

The North Carolina flag is racist because of those dates up there. They signify secession, which is bad.

South Carolina

The South Carolina flag is white supremacist because they were the first to secede, so it's basically the original Confederate flag.


The Maryland flag is racist because it's half Confederate and half Union. And even the Union half is racist.

Union Marylanders flew the black-and-gold Calvert flag, the heraldry of the Calvert family that founded the Maryland colony. Confederate Marylanders flew the white-and-red Crossland flag, believed to be the heraldry of the Crossland family…

Even the Calvert half of the flag — the one flown by Union supporters during the Civil War — was "the crest of the Calvert family, who were made wealthy off of slavery," noted Patterson, the Maryland artist.



Arkansas flag is racist because it looks kind of like the Confederate Battle flag.


Last but not least, Georgia. Georgia's flag is rooted in white supremacy because of the fact that it's essentially the same flag as that of the Confederacy - the Stars and Bars.

I'll leave ya with some thoughts from Marxism expert James Lindsay on why the revolutionaries are doing this:

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