Sen. John Kennedy just made Democrats squirm by reading "Gender Queer," a book that parents can't remove from school libraries due to a new Illinois law
· Sep 12, 2023 ·

Illinois became the first state to "ban book bans" this summer, signing legislation that would prevent parents from protesting and removing books from school libraries.

Often the books that are supposedly "banned" are really just removed from libraries because they contain pornographic material that Democrats think is totally appropriate for kids.

Today, the Illinois secretary of state came to the US Senate to explain this anti-parent act and was faced with Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana, who decided to read from the super-graphic book "Gender Queer," which we've reported on at length.

[We cannot include the video here as it is too graphic for younger readers]

I'll censor/summarize some of what Sen. Kennedy read in as much of a PG-13 format as I can, Lord help me:

Kennedy: "I got some ---- on and got him on his knees and I began to ----- ---- him. I ------ --- -- him and kissed him while he -----------. He asked me to turn over while he slipped a condom on himself. This was my ---, and I was struggling to imagine someone ------ me."


"I got a new ------ harness today. I can't wait to put it on. It will fit my favorite ----- perfectly. You're going to look so hot."


"Are you suggesting that only librarians should decide that the two books I just read should be available to kids?"

Giannoulias: "...With all due respect, senator, the words you spoke are disturbing, especially coming out of your mouth, are disturbing."

Oh, it's very uncomfortable hearing those words from a senator?

Then why are you allowing KIDS TO READ THEM?

Lefties are, for some reason, dunking on Kennedy, saying he's totally out of his mind for reading this in front of the Senate in DC.

Kennedy is talking about sex acts in front of Congress! How disgraceful! That [checks notes] belongs in school libraries!

Mike Lee of Utah is also on the case of the supposed book ban, using The Bee to make his point:

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