The way humans and ChatGPT differ in planning for this really dumb theoretical scenario gives me hope for humanity 🤣
· May 12, 2023 ·

This might be the dumbest theoretical question I have ever heard.

Within moments, commenters had turned to ChatGPT, preferring to use their AI overlords instead of their own prefrontal cortexes.

This guy considered ChatGPT's answer as a slam dunk:

Here's the AI's SUPER LONG reply:

This is certainly a unique and interesting hypothetical situation! The key to living your life without worry in this scenario is to keep a safe distance from the snail and to have a system in place to help you track its movements. Here are some steps you can take:

1. Use the £10 million to set yourself up for success:

a. Invest in multiple homes or properties around the world. This way, you can easily move to a new location whenever the snail gets too close.

b. Hire a team of professionals to help you track the snail and provide logistical support. They can monitor the snail's progress, plan your travel, and ensure you have safe accommodations in each location.

2. Set up a tracking system:

a. Place a GPS tracker or a small camera with live streaming on the snail, ensuring you always know its location. Your team can keep an eye on the snail 24/7 and notify you if it gets too close.

b. Use a combination of physical barriers and advanced technology to slow down the snail, such as placing it in a small container (without harming it) that it will take time to escape from, or using materials it can't easily move across.

3. Plan your moves strategically:

a. Calculate the snail's average speed and use this information to determine how long you can stay in one location before you need to move.

b. Opt for long-distance travel by air or sea, as this will create the most distance between you and the snail. Remember to consider the time it takes for the snail to traverse continents, as it may take years for it to reach you.

4. Develop a backup plan:

a. Create a safe room in each of your properties that is snail-proof. This room should be completely sealed off from the outside and only accessible to you and your trusted team members.

b. Have an emergency plan in place for when the snail gets too close, including a quick escape route and immediate transportation to a new location.

By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of being touched by the snail and maintain a worry-free life while enjoying your £10 million. Remember to stay vigilant and adaptable, as the snail will never stop chasing you.

Sure, it's helpful, and it's impressive that a machine understood the scenario and gave such a detailed answer in a matter of seconds.

Other replies from ChatGPT were similar.

Then came the human replies.

You know, those outdated little bipedals made in the image of Almighty God who can't write a 500-page essay in 10 seconds.

This was humanity's solution:

Humanity outmaneuvering the machines like:

There is hope for us, my friends!

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