The White House is now referring to illegal aliens – err, undocumented migrants, as "newcomers"
· Feb 29, 2024 ·

Bro, what in the actual Clown World is this?


You're referring to illegal aliens, people who enter our country without our permission, as "newcomers"?

At that point, why not just call them "new voters"?

Just sayin.

This newspeak comes as part of the White House's new "fact sheet" concerning the immigration bill that Republicans are "sabotaging" by not liking what's in it.

The bill received support from the Border Patrol Union, the Chamber of Commerce, the South Texas Alliance of Cities, and the Wall Street Journal - but Speaker Mike Johnson and House Republicans have decided to play politics at the expense of border security.

Yeah, the bill also received support from illegal immigrants worldwide. You know why? Because it continues the catch-and-release policy which has allowed millions of illegals to pour across our border and find their way to our sanctuary cities.

Of course Republicans don't like it!

It solves nothing!

So keep calling illegals "newcomers" if you'd like, but we all know what your newspeak means and we'll mock you into oblivion for it.

Good luck in November with your "this is all the Republicans' fault" slogan.

I'm sure people will go for that.

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